Saturday, 1 June 2013


“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter”

Eyes are most important and sensitive part of our face. Very beautiful face also looks dull if there are wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes.

Being a software engineer my world revolves around computers. Most of the times if my eyes don’t get proper rest it shows up on my face. Nearly every day I used to wake up with unusually puffy, swollen eyes. With jam packed morning schedule, there is hardly any time to get ready for office and it is difficult to think of any instant remedy to reduce that droopiness.

Due to extreme puffiness, my eye bags take time to diminish. Initially, I tried covering the bags with makeup by using eyeliner, kajal or concealer but most of the times things don’t turn out as expected. Hence, when I used to show up at work or meet friends, instead of compliments I heard lot of comments

You look tired today?
Did you cry last night?
Why your eyes swollen?
Did you have a sound sleep last night?

I felt self-conscious about my puffy eyes and tried to goggle solutions for under eye puffiness. While I was searching natural ways to de-puff, I found this article:

I followed the article and applied quite a few cold compress remedies such as green tea bags, cold spoon and Ice cubes to my eyes. The coldness did  offer some relief to tired eyes but didn’t push back the puffiness instantly. Also, usually these remedies provide relief if applied on eyes for 15-20 min while relaxing or lying down. In such a busy life, it is hard to find 15-20 minutes early morning!!


I combined few tips in a simple and easy manner that  actually eliminates puffiness and requires just few minutes:

Every night before going to bed

      • Take two medium size cotton wool (cotton balls / cotton wool eye pads)
      •Moisten them in running water and keep them in freezer to cool down.

Early morning as and when you get few seconds out of your morning chores, follow four easy steps for amazing result:

1) Take out those cotton balls from freezer and gently rub it on the face. Once they are slightly damp, apply cotton pads over closed eyelids and hold it there until they are warm again. After that, put them back into freezer.

2)  Splash running cold water over the eyes 2-3 times. 

3) Take few drops of coconut or almond oil (whatever is available in kitchen) on finger tips and place them towards inner corner of eyes. Slide the fingers gently towards outer corner of eyes. Repeat this massage 4-5 times.

4)  Repeat step 1) as many times as possible.

This modulated tip suits me because:

• I don’t feel the pain of taking out 15-20 minutes exclusively to apply these remedies.

• My de puff regime doesn’t impact my morning tasks.

• I don’t need help of any products to de-puff my eyes.

• Most importantly, I can observe tremendous change in those bags and my eyes look brighter than ever.

I am trying this trick regularly for past few months and it really works for me. I guess like me everyone who has eye puffiness can try this option with common house hold ingredients, water and cotton ball !!

Do let me know if it works for you :-)


  1. Poorva had told me abt this remedy few days back and it really helped me. I am glad she has has now started to share her experience with everyone.

    Waiting to see more such tips.

  2. I do this smtimes but using rosewater.Its really effecting. Do you have any tip for dark circle nd wrinkles near eye?

  3. Great blog Poorva. Being a mother of a toddler I really needed this :)